The activities of Department:

1) participates in the audit of financial reporting;

2) conducts performance audits in the Ministry, its subdivisions, subordinate organizations in all areas of their activities, including the quality of public services provided;

3) conducts compliance audit in the Ministry, its subdivisions and subordinate organizations;

4) conducts an audit of the compliance of the procedures for conducting public procurement and the fulfillment of the terms of agreements, including on the terms, volume, price, quantity and quality of the goods, works and services acquired;

5) assess the functioning of the system of internal control and management in the Ministry, its departments and subordinate organizations on the basis of the system of risk management of internal processes (business processes) of the Ministry;

6) analyze the achievement of the goals and objectives of the strategic plan of the Ministry with budgetary expenditures;

7) carries out verification of the safety of inventory and other assets in the Ministry;

8) hears relevant information from officials of state audit facilities on issues related to the conduct of internal state audit;

9) submits to the Minister a report on the results of the internal state audit with recommendations for curbing, preventing violations when using the funds of the republican budget in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on eliminating identified shortcomings, improving the efficiency of internal processes of organizing the activities of the Ministry;

10) monitors the implementation of annual work plans for the head of the Ministry;

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